What is Shnizzle?


when a girl is going down on you and youre about to bust, you proceed to sneeze on her at the same time.

dude, i completly shnizzled all over her face last night!

See jizz, cum, sneeze, head, brain


Jewish gang term for shizzle

Jew 1: Hurry the fuck up with that shnizzle we're gonna be late for the Bar Mitzvah!

Jew 2: I don't give a shnizzle!


replacement for the word shit

Im doing a whole bunch of shnizzle right now.


its a combination of shizzle and nizzle... it saves time and its crunk

fo shnizzle (instead of fo shizzle my nizzle)


fo shneezy (instead of fo sheezy my neezy)

See j-money


A word used to say something when something goes bad

a car is about to hit you "Oh shnizzle!"


Shnizzle is a type of noodle

Waiter-"what would you like for tea sir?"

Me-"Can u please slap some Shnizzle on a plate"

See Fez


A man being ass raped by another man.

Wow, check that snizzle


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