Sigma Pi

What is Sigma Pi?


A large social fraternity founded on February 26th at Vincennes University. Today, with chapters all over the U.S. and Canada, over 88,000 Sig Pi's, and it's headquarters in Brentwood Tennessee, it is a great fraternity, with brotherhoods lasting long after one receives their diploma.

Far better than SAE or TKE, they have no rivals.

Sigma Pi or die!

I Believe.

Man, those Sigma Pi's at Loyola University Chicago are the shit! They throw the best parties, have the best gpa's, and just basically have their shit together. They don't suck dick or date rape girls like those other frats.

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God's gift to women and the world. Enjoy fellatio, as well as performing cunnilingus on hot little fucking well as classy broads. Contrary to popular belief, they are not ALL guidos and victims of molestation; however, they do enjoy fucking the girlfriends, sisters, mothers and any other female family member of SAEs, TKEs, Delts and Pi Kapps, along with many other fraternities. Please do not take this as cockiness. It is purely factual.

"Hello there, Delt brother. Did you fuck that girl that's staying with you and your family last night?"

"No way man. That really hot Sigma Pi took her right away from me, fucked her, then he fucked the rest of the women in my family while my father and I cried and masturbated to the hot sex that was happening before our eyes."

"Don't worry, man. The same thing happened to me...then he made us pancakes. Fuck, he could cook! I miss his blue eyes...."

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A house of learn-ed doctors since 1933.

Also known for their no-bullshit, traditional ways.

Female1: "Did you hear? There's a Sigma Pi coming to this campus!"

Female2: "Oh yes, I did hear! I cannot wait for them to come all this way to give me their seed!"

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Sigma Pi, the boys in this fraternity are only in it to associate with Greek Life, they are in no way better than or try to be better than the typical tool on campuses. Chapters consist of all the boys rejected from other fraternities and for that reason, they rely on tool shed workshops to make themselves seem like they are more than they actually are. They are better than SAE and TKE however, they do happen to look at a rush before saying "We Like Dick!"

"We're all failures; Join us at Sigma Pi!"

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A raging cesspool of homosexuality, frequent nudity, and prison shower gang-bangs. Contrary to popular belief, most of the brothers are actually bisexual, and enjoy the company of a lady as well as man. The house is an odd mix of classic "bros," completely worthless potheads, everyday regular normal guys, just plain weirdos, and every possible combination of the above. It is balls deep in Urbana in order to segregate Sigma Pi and maintain the purity of the rest of the Greek Community.

"Hey you worthless pothead, stop smoking pot in the house!"

"Ill stop smoking pot when that weirdo puts clothes on!"

"Ill put clothes on when Kates stops acting like an everyday regular normal guy!"

"I'll start having a personality when all the bros close their doors when getting a blowjob!"

"Zook says I agree with all of the above in Sigma Pi."

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fraturnaty imortalized in the song "Im an asshole"

(singing to the tune of found a peanut)

Im an asshole, im an asshole, Im an asshole till I die.

but I'd rather be an asshole than a fucking sigma pi.

"man you are such a sigma pi"

"shut the fuck up! I may be an asshole but never say that I am as bad as a fucking sigma pi! I oughta kick your sig pi cock sucking ass!"

"dude no, in your last bender you blacked out and joined Sigma Pi. that was what I was saying"

"aw fuck! that steel reserve fucked up my life! got any rat poison"

"fuck you! your nothing but a cock sucking sigma pi. I wouldn't help a sigma pi end his own life if he beged, you are just going to have to learn to suck cock."

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A social class of guido's and child molestation victims banded together, most frequently characterized by their spikey hair, sun tanned bodies, and acid washed jeans. They are the ultimate in cool and are known to give the best blow jobs and rim jobs out of any other Fraternity.

1) A Collection of Dildos

2) Christian

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