What is Siiem?


its refenence to the great hobbit of sylvania shire sydney the bogan Sam Barbaro who has links to the drug industry spedness, unconess and general retardation.

he has created the greatest sayings in the world thanks to jasper =D

jasper: sam im hungry

siiem: wat am i a kfc

whos stories and life were created by Jasper

Example 1


sam: "not fking u again"

liana: "Ooohh Saarrrm"

sam: "look wat you have done to me ruining my life ..blah blah more bogan gibberish"

example 2

jasper: hey siiem

Sam: "this is my brother angelo"

angelo: "hey"

jasper: "so your SIEEEMS brother?"


jasper: "Your always smiling SIIEEEM"

sam: "This is a smile of anger!"

See sarm, siiem


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