What is S'kiddiots?


S'kiddiots are kids who run around in a public place like idiots while their parent feigns helplessness and lack of control over them.

I'll never go back to that restaurant now that I know that they let s'kiddiots run around.

See brat, monster, spoiled brat, imp, scamp


The people who taste the rainbow in skittle commercials

Skittles called me in to be one of the s'kiddiots and catch skittles in my mouth that fall from the air.

See the man, rainbow


I noticed this word being used at theregister.co.uk . I'm pretty sure it's another way of saying script kid, maybe it's a bit more derogatory.

"...the emergence of AirSnort, and soon another similar tool called WEPcrack (which is still in development), are certain to deskill the process of breaking into wireless networks and in so doing open them up to s'kiddiots everywhere." - theregister.co.uk

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