What is Slart?


A fart that escapes during sleep, sometimes waking the slarter him(her)self.

I do love him, but his slarts may be a deal breaker, I dunno.

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A slimy or "slippery" fart. Often one of those symptoms associated with your common hangover or gassy and/or upset stomach.

"OH...ummm... I uhh.. I SLARTed and I gotta go!!!... and sorry about your couch dude..."

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Virtual art done in the virtual world Second Life.

That is one amazing piece of SLart!

See second life, sl, art, virtual, snapshot, effects


Other word for slut.

Yo slart, get yo fat ass over here.

Why not go fuck that slart.

Dude, your girlfriend is a dirty slart.

What a fucken slart.


A fart emitted by a slut, or a slut that smells like farts.

I should have never given that hooker tacos. Now my car smells like a slart.

See redrum


a cross between a slut and a tart used in a derogitery term manly aimed at females

laura, your such a slart cover up your tits

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'Slart' too tarty to be a slut, and not good enough to be a tart.

you total slart, either take some clothes off, or put more makeup on.


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