What is Sloan?


A derogitory nickname for a worthless woman. Think about the name found on the top of 90% of urinals. A worthless woman is known as a Sloan because they are about as good use to men as a urinal.

That girl I was introduced to last night was such a "sloan"

See urinal, women, woman, worthless, piss, urinate


a pimp.

a man who is in charge.

They knew by the women around him that he was a Sloan.

See pimp, master, leader, player


A verb, which means to masturbate violently to a video game while playing said video game.

Dude, Garrett is sloaning to WoW.

See masturbation, beating off, arkansas



(1).to be extremely horny especially around black chicks.

(2).the act of going comando.

damn that breeze feels good when you're going sloan!

See blue balls, horny, comando, excited, hairy ass


A clap infected dildo

oh fuck he just bashed my head in and raped me with a sloan

See sloan, andrew, mammoth, teeth, dildo


when you open up your partners anal cavity and defacate in it

dude did you sloan drews mom?

hell yes

See butt, ass, poop, sloan


People with this last name are invovled in douche-baggery and tend to be insanely sensitive to practical jokes. They buy clothes that go against the general rules of their ethnicity, and male Sloans tend to be cock bags.

"Remeber that time we played a joke on Adam Sloan and he freaked out? What a cock bag!"

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