What is Slock?


(prison slang, combination of sock/lock) 1. n. A common prison weapon consisting often of one or more padlocks or combination locks placed in a sock, which is then used like a club to beat someone.

2. v.t./v.i. To beat (someone) in this manner.

Bubba took that slock of his and gave Pee Wee a beatdown.

See beatdown, slam, bitchslap, spank, whack


A male slut, a combination of Slut and Jock.

He is such a slock, he slept with 12 girls last week.

See male slut, pimp, slut, jock, p.i.m.p


A slut with a cock or a male slut.

Johnny is such a slock.


A male slut also known as a slut with a cock.

That slock has five babies and four baby's mammas.


sock, with an L added to it. See your a douche

Man dont make me slap you with my slock.

Im going to rock out with my slock out

See Tra


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