What is Slotted?


Britsh Army slang - to kill someone by shooting

I slotted the terrorist


To get into a nice barrel. Either surfing or bodyboarding. Being slotted is similar to getting a barrel, but is much tighter and harder to control. Similar to how a coin slot is only big enough to fit coins, when you are slotted, the water is barrelling just enough for you to sit in quite nicely.

>>> you got slotted on that wave man... looked sick as... wasnt the biggest barrel, but fuck it looked nice n cosy in there.

>>> see that bro, got slotted hardcore on that wave... i was waiting to get dumped, but it peeled over at the last second... epic

See surfing, bodyboarding, lidder, speed bump, barrel, slot, coin, surf, water


Drunk, usually heavily so. Drunk to the point of not remembering what happened

Man, I was so slotted last night.


Male term for - Had sex with, fucked, shagged.

Hey mate, I slotted your sister last night

I've not had sex in years, so I slotted a prostitute

See sex, shag, fuck, poke, bang, rag, sleep with, sleep, oral, cock, pussy


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