What is Slug?



Put two slugs dead in your chest.


the word "slug" has a variety of definitions:

1. a bullet

2. a shot (of liquor)

3. to punch or knock unconscious

these definitions can often be found in hard-boiled detective fiction popularized by writers such as Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett in the 1930s and 1940s.

1. I fired a couple of slugs into the air to let them know I meant business.

2. I downed a couple of slugs at the speakeasy.

3. You shut your yap before I slug you.

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a slug is a loose woman. women who arent too difficult to persuade to lower their underpants, are slugs. like the slugs of the natural world the 'slug' leaves a slimy trail everywhere she goes.

"that vickys a right slug, have you seen the snail trail she left on my sheets?"

"are we going out slug-hunting tonight gaz?"

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dopest Mc ever, in the entire universe. you haven't heard shit until you listen to slug.

damn yo, all the bitches love slug


A single-projectile round designed to be fired from a shotgun. The term is often misused to refer to an ordinary bullet. Slugs are often much larger than conventional bullets. While ordinary bullets larger than .50 caliber are illegal or heavily restricted in many jurisdictions, slugs this large are not because they are classified as shotgun shells. Slugs also have the advantage that one can carry a single gun and use it as both a shotgun and a rifle.

Slug rounds are great for hunting deer.

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v. To be anemic, anti-social or creepy

see also Man Whore, East coast nerfer

he can slug in the corner for all I care... he's a creeper

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a single one dollar bill.

she needs a slug for an ice cream.

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