What is Smackhead?


A smackhead is a person who is severly dependent on heroin (smack)

You dirty smackhead


heroin addict

why aye man you dirty, stiking, rotten smack head

See geordie


a heroin addict

fuck off you dirty smackhead

See psycho bitch


A resident of Dublin, Ireland

- Awwwrite bud. Whas da stooory?

- Fuckin' jackeen smackhead in my face, that's the story.

See dublin, dubliner, jackeen, scum, junkie


Someone who is reliant on drugs.

"That Jim Reynolds is a right smackhead, y' twonk with right bad breath"

See Halo


noun:a mofo

see mofo

Just gimmie the light

See slutmonkey


someone who likes to brag about taking other words a dickhead u would liek to smack.

charlotte hemingway

See dan


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