What is Smi?


sick minded individual

that person over there is a right smi look wat hes duin 2 that dog

See pervert, retarded, perv, sick guy


societies most insane


sick minded individual.

represent SMI bitches.

See society, insane, sick, minded, individual


Seriously Mentally Ill, a legal classification in the state of Arizona, referring to a class of individuals who meet certain psychiatric diagnostic and functional criteria.

This person is enrolled in SMI services.

The state legislature is considering additional SMI funding.

See mental illness, mentally ill, mental, smi


the sound an insect makes when it hits the windscreen

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... smi!


Severely mentally impaired. Someone who is retarded as shit and can help it.

what are you doin' smi? Hot carls go on another person, not yourself


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