What is S'more?


1. Abbreviation for "some more," a campfire treat consisting of toasted marshmallow, graham crackers, and chocolate.

2. A word Justin wanted in the dictionary

Let's make some s'mores!


A slutty man whore. A contraction of three words into one that describes a player, or a male with loose moral values. Someone, a man, who has mulitple partners. AKA not ok!!!

"Did you see that guy!?! he had two girlfriends!!"

"Wow... what a s'more!!"

"You're such a s'more!!"

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a whore who is smart

man! that smart chick is such a s'more!

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The act of defocating and ejaculating between your lady friend's breasts and squeezing them together creating the appearance of a s'more. My favorite camp-fire treat...

Max is into the kinky stuff, he gave Perri a s'more.

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After a particularly messy poop, if the pooper gets any poops on his hand after wiping his ass, he then smears it around his bellybutton then rubs one out, nutting on the poopy area then slapping his shirt into the poop/man batter creating a S'more.

Dude! I took such a wicked poop this morning, it was so gnarly I was able to give myself a sweet S'more!

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The process of ejaculating and defecating at the same time or as close to the same time as possible, then putting the two together between graham crackers, so that it appears as if a s'more has been made.

The man walked into the bathroom with a Playboy magazine and graham crackers, and walked out with a s'more.

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intercoarse between a white male and a black girl and a latina

dawg " listen up i gotta story to tell" last night after i left the club i made a s'more with Chantelle and Maria


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