What is Smove?


common vernacular for an Iron.

bitch dun hit me wit da smove!! ya know, tha thing ya use to smove all dem clothes out wit!

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When 2 people are looking into eachother's eyes and they smile, causing their cheeks to lift in a cute happy way. A mix between the words smile and love.

Mackenzie had the biggest smove on her face when we were looking into eachother's eyes.

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A mix between "Smooth" and "Move" formally said as "Smooth move, douche," and now changed to, "Smove, retard," it can also be used to describe something cool.

1. Joey tripped, spilling juice all over his crush, "Smove Joey," siad Greg.

2. Timmy saw a bouncy ball on the ground, picked it up and said, "Smove!"

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A way to demean someone, or mock their coolness.

*Mel walks backward, hitting on some ladies, and then trips*

Kat: Yeah Mel, that was totally smove.

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