What is So You Think You Can Dance?


A show famous for its great dancing and awful music performances.

After hearing terrible performances from Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes and Omarion, I groaned when I received word that Fergie was performing her atrocious new single "London Bridge" on the finale of So You Think You Can Dance.

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the best show in the world where amazing dancers do amazing dances and then get voted off until the best is left

maggie: did you see lacey last night on so you think you can dance

lizzie: OMG i think im gonna commit suicide i missed the whole episode

maggie: o well lacey was amazing but ya i would kill myself too if i missed it

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An American reality TV show created by the same producers who brought American Idol that features a series of dance competition to find the best dancer . A surprisingly pleasant and tolerable reality show due to its entertaining and various types of dances, interesting choreographies and of course some very talented and sexy dancers.

Person A: *switches to So You Think You Can Dance*

Person B: Why are you watching this reality junk?

Person A: SYTYCD is actually good...

Person B: Wow...look at that dancer work her body and showing her sexy legs! This may not be so bad after all!

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Horrible, horrible reality show that was created by the same satan that created American Idol, however, contestants dance rather than sing.

"Let's watch 'So You Think You Can Dance"!

"Better idea, let's shoot ourselves in the face."

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