South Kingstown

What is South Kingstown?


South Kingstown is a coastal community in Southern Rhode island. Unlike North Kingstown, which is full of really rich white kids who want more than anything to be considered "hood," South Kingstown is full of hippes. This may sound like a bad thing, but when you're looking for some bomb ass chronic, SK is the place to be.

According to the FBI, South Kingstown consumes the 10th largest amount of marijuana per capita out of every county in the United States. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, NK.

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A large town in Rhode Island, South Kingstown has better beaches than North Kingstown, better schools, and is generally just better. Naturally, something so much better is prettier than NK too. So, there are two public middle schools, Curtis Corner and Broad Rock (CCMS and BRMS or Brock) and one public High School. The mascot for CCMS is the cougar, wildcats for Brock, and Rebels for the high school. NK is just a wannabe SK, so they build big, ugly schools up there. I mean, come on: royal blue and flourescent yellow for Davisville? Ew.

So basically SK has a bunch of pretty awesome people that practically all live within a 8 minute ride to the beach. SK all the way, foo.

And a bunch of 9 and 10 year olds won the state championship for fast pitch softball in like 05. But did NK? Noooooo.

Ronald: Hey, isn't North Kingstown better than South Kingstown?

Escabar: No.

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A large town in southern Rhode Island. Not to be confused with North Kingstown (a local rival which is better at everything). Most of the kids in the town either go to SK High School or Prout. SK High is a public school, home to the "Rebels" with kids that will never be better than NK at anything (ie. parties, sports, grades, life). "The Rebels" think they prevail over NK because they get into fights after games, still dont win. In conclusion, SK sucks the big one.

NK Student: Yeah so we were LAX state champions this year, beat your "nationally ranked" boys soccer team, destroyed your girls bball team, high performing for the 6th year in a row and nationally ranked, ranked for the arts and music in the state and region...

SK Student: ...Some girl got the crap kicked out of her in the bathroom..and we are called the South Kingstown rebels

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