What is Soya?


Amongst the more common of us Brits (chavs) , soya is used to mean "Sort your life out"

Anyone heard saying this phrase must be laughed at and also needs to sort their life out !

Although it means sort YOUR life out, it can be used in third person, e.g. he needs to soya (sort HIS life out)

Person A) You're an arsehole

Person B) SOYA !

Person A) LOL you chav

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In British English, a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). Derrived from the fact that they hold a lower status and range of powers than full police officers, and are regarded by some as not to be taken as seriously.

A: Look, there's police over there.

B: No, that's just soya.

A: What?

B: Soya bacon.

A: What?

B: It's a PCSO. They ain't real pig.

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an adverb used to modify an adjective, usually meaning great. used mainly by annoying 4th years in big belfast schools.

origin: when examining a bottle of soya milk, someone said "that's soya good!"

"soya bant"

"she's soya hot"

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Word used by uppity British people when they're talking about soy.

Paul: I just tried soya sauce last night and it was delicious!

Tyrone: Soya? Wtf you talkin bout, nigga?

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