What is Spell?


To combine letters *properly* to form a word.

After all, you don't say someone knows how to spell if they spell the word " Hacker", "h4Ck3R".

Me: "John, please spell the word, 'PUBERTY'."

John: "P-U-B-E-R-T-Y!"

Me: "Correct!"


Something that most Urban Dictionary contributors don't know how to do, even though there is a built in spell check program. Apparently UD contributors are most commonly Americans and are victims of a terrible public school system.

Me a Urbin Dixonary writar. I thinck im american and want to git all them dirty people what crashed them plains into the whyte house on 7-11. Mmmmm - slurpeeeee.

What are u looking et? Spell bteter you jakass!


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1. To form words by means of letters.

2. Words and/or actions in the form of a ritual done with the intent to preform magic.

3. A short period of time.

1. Can you spell lexicography?

2. Casting spells is common in Wicca.

3. "I'm dizzy, I have to set down a spell." said Lesley.

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An exceptionally long amount of time.

I ain't had a cigarette in quite a spell.


You can't spell?

He couldn't spell a single word.


A hick, inbred term used to describe a sudden spasm or seizure.

Me: Maw, Paw's done took a spell.

Maw: Better fetchthe doc!

Paw (whilst drooling): Gaaaaahh!

See seizure


something that is not like this example.

Ie Cine speall speall corlectly.

I can spell spell corectl.

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