What is Spinning?


Deejaying or playing records

"i was spinning some hiphop at the party last night"


New form of group exercise in which a dozen or more people (usually women) sit on indoor stationary bikes together and pedal to the sound of music and the directions of an instructor.

Girl 1: Wanna come to the gym with me and take a spinning class?

Boy 1: Um, I think I'll just go outside and ride my bike, but thanks anyway.

Girl 2: Wanna come to the gym with me and take a spinning class?

Boy 2: Hmm, am I in the mood do some real exercise and lift weights or stare at 20 spandexed girl butts for an hour? Hard decision.....

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To be transfixed on a relatively insignificant thought or event and unhealthily or unnecessarily dwelling on it attaching a more elaborate meaning and emotion to it.

The trigger often seems trivial to others but to the person who is "spinning" it becomes connected to their personal prevailing emotions, past experiences, and/or unresolved trauma/pathology.

May include but not exclusive to:

1. imagining/playing out elaborate future scenarios, radical actions, and/or conversations;

2. questioning any past or present experiences, activities, and/or relationships;

Possible origins:

Like how a textile worker can get a seemingly small piece or bundle of fiber and "spin" it into a long thread by combining it with others.

Or how a spider can "spin" an elaborate web by connecting many threads together.

1. After hearing that someone you know insulted your character, you make an elaborate plan to confront them and you think of all the things you've done that contests what they said. In addition you question your own relationship and past experiences with that person and build them up to be an antagonist. Only to have them immediately apologize and quickly explain that it was a misunderstanding.

2. Like in the movie "He's Just Not That Into You", questioning the fairly straightforward actions of others and excusing or making them out to mean something else by constructing elaborate scenarios

3. Girl: "We hang out almost everyday but he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend."

Friend: "Didn't he say he wasn't interested and just wanted to be friends?"

Girl: "Yeah, but I think it was just because he had a bad experience with his last girlfriend and that he didn't get to know me yet."

Friend: "He's not interested though."

Girl: "But we spend so much time together, what if he does want to have a relationship but he just doesn't know how to ask?"

Friend: "You're spinning. If he says he isn't interested then he isn't interested."

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Man, i'm spinning

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1. To Be DJing

2. When someone has lotsa waves in there hair

yo your head spinning

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When one is lighting a joint.

"yo we still spinning that J after work?"

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When one is high on drugs.

"Fuck dude, you spinning!"


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