What is Squarepusher?


A spunk-jazzer in its kind! It was the age that Drum&Bass got influenced with (ammong others) the very twisted "Jazz From Hell"-album from Frank Zappa. It was the kind of music which made you laugh.

In the end, Squarepusher genre can be discribed as drill 'n bass, but it's often too jazzy and acoustic for that. One of his most succesfull albums: "Big Loada" had this very wicked video of a girl who tries to escape from an insane asylum. These are the videos that make you think of various ones recorded for "Aphex Twin", an IDM-legend.

Overall, his style stays very experimental and mind-breaking to listen to. However, his last album "Ultravisitor" may very well be THE proof that the drill 'n bass-genre died out.

Being a drummer and handling the guitar very well, had great influence in making music. We'll be hearing more of his accoustic side in the future...

And he hates Korn because it's such boring music!!!

Check out: "Hard Normal Daddy", "Big Loada" and "Go! Plastic", for sure!

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amazing IDM music artist, real name Thomas Jenkinson. Squarepusher is signed to Warp records and known for his frenetic fast pseudo-jungle stuff.

mother: "what's that new album you've bought then?"

son: "its squarepusher's new release"

mother: "can i listen to it?"

-son plays album

-mother's head explodes

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theres a song:

iambic 9 poetry, its got the most amazing drums its all live and shnizz. its so perfect.

he really can make perfection music or he goes too experimental and makes a song full of car horns and sauce pans banging together.

he also has a song called ufo's over leytonstone which is where i live blap blap.

squarepusher is great i was just listening to him and the cat got scared.


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