What is Squiddle?


the act of having to urinate really bad. therefore needing to 'squat' somewhere and 'piddle' (pee) giving you squiddle!

"wait! stope here, i need to squiddle really bad!!"

See peeing, piddle, squat


the act of squiddling (v.) can be seen in penguins as they slide down a hill.

for example, Pedro, the penguin, squiddled to and fro on the icy slope.

See slide, glide


to move into anothers spsace slowly, trying not to have the other person notice the invasion.

While at a crowded outdoor concert, we had to squiddle to get a better view.

See creep, slime, crowd, steal


To pass through an entry way sideways to accommodate one's excessive mass.

"Brezina squiddled to get lunch."

See enter, obese, walk, pass, fat


the act of moving abruptly, and entering someone elses space to move or shake them.

darn you Eric! dont squiddle me!

See move, girate, shake


a tiny, loud girl who is often hugged and called 'nigga.'

that squiddle is so adorable!

See squishy, cute, small, adorable


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