What is Stacked?



Did you catch that chick on 34th and Main? She was stacked!


Means you are

1.Well built, muscley

2.Packing big titties (e.g. Porn star Lovette, good example of stacked)

1.I wouldn't trouble that bouncer, he's fucking STACKED!

2.Look at those tits on her, she's STACKED!


cheating by arranging the way a game is played to give one side an unfair advantage

stacked deck of cards in poker or a stacked online multiplayer video game

See cheat, screw, shaft, bamboozle, hoodwink


for chicks to be well built and got good curves

Damn check out her hips, shes stacked!


huge ass boobs

that ghetto-ass chick had some huge ass boobs!!!!tats!!!!


1. A sports team that has better players as in stronger, faster, and all out better.

2. A hot ass chick with some massive tits

1. Damn that other team is stacked

2. Yo that dyke is stacked son

See boobs, tits, jacked, ripped, sexy, sex


The only word to express extreme awesomeness, beauty, and satisfaction.

1. Check that car, it's stacked!

2. Look its Kelly, she's stacking awesome.

3. Did you hear that song? Beats were stacked.

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