Stall Stall

What is Stall Stall?


In public bathrooms, the act of remaining in a bathroom stall after having completed one's business, in order to maintain anonymity (whether by avoiding someone who has entered later, or finished sooner), or the state of being delayed under such circumstances. Also the act of delaying defecation until the bathroom is empty.

See also stall waiting

Sorry I'm late. I got stall stalled in the men's room on 34 by a couple of accounting assholes talking to each other at the urinals. The last thing I needed was to be asked how my day is going by some idiot with his dick in his hands.

I was in the corner stall trying to drop a deuce when Meyers from accounting walked in. I tried to stall stall but I couldn't hold it.

See bathroom, stall, pooping, etiquette


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