What is Starky?


Person who always listens to his own shitty, home-made music and advertises it in an IRC channel. Named after DJ StarChild.

Dude, stop being such a Starky


Adjective used to describe a beard that is similar to that of Tony Stark. One of the two 100% cures for chest disease.

Its really smart that Blake and Zyprin have some starky ass beards. They will be completely immune to chest disease.

See chest, disease, blake, starky, tony, stark


Someone who gets made fun of to the point that the joke is too old to be funny anymore.

look! you're all whores! this joke isn't even worth it anymore!


A song with too much reverb.

Man, this song is such a starky!


= OCRE's friend.

Starky = OCRE's friend


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