What is Stee?


Alternate term for style

yo! that dance had so much stee!

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Stee is (1)a state of being generally obtained when someone has completed a task with the appearance of little to no effort.

(2)When one performs a task flawlessly even if they did it in the most basic sense.

(3)It can also be used to describe the quality of an innovative product.

(1)Kevin: Shaun White has so much stee! He rides out of a 1080 like it's nothing!

(2)Taylor: Can you believe that Dumont only did a 50-50 grind on that 30 foot rail?!

Sam: It was sick though, so much stee.

(3)Tim: Have you seen the new line of jackets Orage put out? Neon colours are back!

George: Stee!

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a word you can use in place of anything. You can also use it at the end of an already existing word.

Yo can i use your cell stee real quick?

I got a 55 on my math stee yesterday!

Damn that girl is sex-stee!!!

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Someone who is very sexy, a hot guy that nobody can have but everybody wants; someone who either hates you or loves you.

A stereotypical guy that u answer every question with

Who do u like? STEE!

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a pimp wannabe who does crack... colombian crack; a person who thinks their good at soccer, but they really SUCK; a person who thinks they're God's gift to women; a rat-like being

Eww! is that a rat?!?!?

no! its STEE

See stefano, rat, stee, ugg


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