What is Stizzy?


1. Describing someone who is abnormally better than everyone else.

2. Opposite of a slizzy.

3. Just about the coolest penguin ever.

1. Whoa, Sashi is totally stizzy

2. Dude, she is such a stizzy. I <3 her

3. Stizzy rocks.


When you're too high to smoke any more weed.

"Don't pass the joint to Steve man, that dude is fucking stizzy."

See high, stoned, baked, fried, tore up


To be something of the coolsense. As in being a coolkid.

im so stizzy ice is scared of me.

See cool, cold, cool kid, hawt


The local mini-mart in your neighborhood. Usually refers to an indepently owned mini-mart, though may also include chain marts.

'Stizzy' is a permutation of 'stizzo' originating from 'sto' which is a 'store'.

"I'm going' to the stizzy. Anyone need anything?"


short for "bed-stizzy" aka "bed-stuy"...there is also a bar / lounge in bed-stizzy called "stizzy"

"i'm goin' over to stizzy to check out that band."


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