What is Straight Up Gangsta.., Bitch !!!?


" Straight Up Gangsta.., Bitch !!! " noun.

Pronounced : " Straight Up Gangsta.., BEE - I - ITCH !!! "

(African American/Black Slang, Ghetto/Hood Talk, Sexist Talk, Unbecoming Language)

1. A responsive comment made after a person has controlled or gotten the best of a person, situation, or both.

Junebug: " Straight Up Gangsta.., Bitch !!! " and I will say it one more time ... Straight Up Gangsta.., BEE - I - ITCH !!!

Tee Tee: OKay, so the child is not yours.

Junebug: That is correct, the paternity testhas proven that before the judge and jury in this courtroom today -- that the child is not mine !!!

Tee Tee: Well, who is going to take care of Billie Jean, I am having a hard time tyring to survive myself, let alone now that I do not know the Baby's Daddy ?

Junebug: Here, girl... I will take care of Billie Jean -- since I am paid in full!!! Thanks to my new patent and my cure for hatred and racismwith the Food and Drug Administration.

Thanks to this little blue and green pill that has saved the day; at the price of $3,000 per pill needed to be taken twice a day for life. I am rich.., BEE-I-ITCH !!!

Commentator: Do not use this language, just know what is being said and get out of the way! And, will anyone be able to afford this new pill that cures hatred and racism. Tell Me ???

An Opinion/My Opinion -- Always watch what one/you say. As "Life" and "Death" can be decided by what one says in haste.

See talking trash


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