Street Rat

What is Street Rat?


A diamond in the ruff. Lives his days as a poor boy but is destined to become prince of Agraba.

"You are a worthless street rat. You were born a street rat. You will die a street rat. And only your fleas will morn you."

"rifraf street rat I dont buy that if only they'd look closer would they see a poor boy no sir-e they'd find out there's so much more to me."

See aladdin, rifraf


person/s that have taken to wearing their hood up, despite it being warm and daytime.....

"what's that street rat, doing"


Hardly ever seen on der own, dey normally hang around street corners in packs, dey stand around for hours with der hoods up wasting der lives trying to look Big and wasting tax payers money, dey do this by normally doin abit of fire starting or L&B smoking

Hey blood, look at dem sketish street rats

Yeh Yeh wot ya gonna do street rat

See scuffers, street lights


A homeless kid who lives on the streets. A rat is highly intelligent, agile, and lives off of what other throw away.

Street rats are generally on their own and feel at home anywhere in a given city. The alleys, buildings, dumpsters are their domain.

Not to be confused with Hood Rat, rat fink, rat pack, or a group of homeless kids generally defined as a wolf pack.

That kid looks hungry, we should bring out our left overs after we leave, he is a street rat after all.

Hence the name of the main real life character in the homeless youth documentary "street wise".

Also referenced to in the song by hardcore band Sick of it all - "Rat Pack" or the crust band the Virus with the song "Rats in the City"

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someone who utilizes stinky rat like methods to rip you off. Such as not giving you money for purchased product then turning his phone off saying it got broke.

That Cody Campbell is a filthy street rat.

See theif, crook, maricon, robber, asshole


A girl that starts out the night "sharing" the bed but eventually burrows their way into hogging the entire thing. (must have a slight rat resemblance otherwise see bitch scoot over)

"I got no sleep last night because Milton was such a street rat."

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an underage fuckin dirty group of coons hangin in streets late at night pickin fights with people who r out on a drunk night out just tryin to have fun.

These r the scum of the earth. yep

the street rats tried to steal my wallet.

street rats wanted me to buy them a pack of ciggies.

the street rat pulled a knife on me and told me to give him all my money, wankers


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