What is Stygian?


1) one of the triplets who came up from hell to do Azrael's bidding in "Dogma." When they were alive, they were baby-killers. That's why they were in hell.

2) anything having to do with hell.

This sentence doesn't have "stygian" in it.

See hell, dogma, askewniverse, Dr. Heywood R. Floyd


stygian is an elite stealth ninja

"he is stygian, nothing more needs to be said."

See cool, ninja, l33t, awesome, pwnage


A nickname chosen for by World of Warcraft player who thinks he is really cool, when in reality, he is a 20 year old virgin who habitually masturbates to hentai.

Your name is Stygian on Halo? You've never had sex before have you?

See homosexual, faggot, virgin, loser, bi-curious


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