What is Sud?


No balls in chinese. Used as a replacment for no balls.

That guy has sud.

Wow what a wuss, he has sud.

See balless, gay, wuss, wussy, douche


root: Sweet

Often used to express exclamation about something, or can be used as a greeting or in agreement. But mostly used to as a reason to say something when nothing else can be said; as an ending to the convo or useless part thereof.

As part of a greeting...

"Sudlup dog, sudlup"

As a goodbye on the phone...

"Sweet bro I'll be round later"



*conversation ends*

Boring convo? Just insert "Sud" and nod your head repeatedly

In a text message...

"Bro come round"


Or can also use "Hud" as word tone is more inflected, thus indicating a question:

"Hud up?" - "Whats up?"

See sup, what's up, sweet, sud, hookus


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