Surprise Buttsecks

What is Surprise Buttsecks?


To give someone anal sexat an unexpected time, or place. Perfect for those special moments.

A: Me and my gf had a really romantic date last night. Saw titanic.

B: nice

A: yeah, and then when that stupid boat sank, i gave her surprise buttsecks!!!1 kekekekeekk

B: WTF??

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The best kind.

Jim giving Mary surprise buttsecks (although results may vary):

Jim: Surprise!

Mary: Whoo hoo!

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When going at it like dogs, the penis, moving quickly, then ejects from the vagina and enters the anus, often resulting in pain and extreme terror/pleasure.

Often to calm the victim of this "surprise", the penetrator yells

"SURPRISE BUTTSECKS!!" in a vain attempt to make light of this magical , yet, often horrible experience.

Man: Oh yeah baby

Woman: Harder!

Man: opps i slipp.....

Woman: Ow. OWWWWW!!!!!!!

Man: Surprise Buttsecks!!!!!!

Woman: this date is over! Bus driver let me off here!!!!!!

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