What is Swhale?


A mammal of epic proportions located in either knightsridge or caves. It can reach a massive size equal to 3 and a half elephants and eats everything known to man and most women. Most commonly frizzy and ginger and mould can be found on fat folds and vaginal regions of the body. Various boils filled with orange, luminous puss that is used to stun its victims. Its hobbies include waiting for unaware travellers to wander into its nest, doing Tommy Lee Jones (yes thats right), Caressing Michael Jackson's gooey clysygonnaherpaids filled rectum and licking Dame Edna's leathery hide. If you encounter a swhale run faster than your companion or stun it by inserting holy water anally.

" THUMP.......THUMP....(ominous moan) "

" Oh hell no its a swhale "

See swhale, clysygonnaherpaids, ginger, boils, rectal


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