What is T-101?


A huge mistake made by the writers of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. In the movie, Arnold's character refers to the previous Terminator from Terminator 2 as "a different T-101" when in fact the actual designation of it is T-800 Model 101.

Arnold's character in T3 is a T-850 because the 800 series has only one compact nuclear power cell, while the 850 series has two hydrogen fuel cell power sources, among other differences.

T-850: "That was a different T-101."

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Arnold (Ahnuld) Schwarzenegger's alter ego in the Terminator movies.

While not the most advanced, the T-101 is the most powerful Terminator ever built by far, able to destroy a T-X. The T-101's standout characteristics are its black glasses, uber-buff body, weird German voice and odd quote-making ability. One particular T-101 created the famous quote: "Stay here. I'll be back." The T-101 is such a powerful robot because of its ability to perform above and beyond even normal Terminator limits, giving it a human-esque infinite range of potential. The T-101's weapon of choice is either a grenade launcher or a minigun.

T-101: "Stay here. I'll be back."

*many years later*

John Connor: "Don't you remember anything?"

T-101: "That was a different T-101."


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