T Bone

What is T Bone?


Hit broadside.

I got T-Boned by a broad running a stop sign!

See Wulf


a delicious cut of beef

i fired up my grill and cooked some t-bones


the meatiest cut of your manhood

I gave her the deep t bone last night.

See ez


When a girls g-string can be seen poking out above the waistline of her jeans. Normally happens when she bends over or wears hipster jeans 4 sizes too small.

Daaaaaamn check out the illy t bone on that arrangement yo, looks like her thong be wedged right up there homes

See g string, thong, butt floss, panties, Coinage


T-Bone is to titty fuck.

He sat on my stomach and T Boned me.

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When a man pounds a woman SO deep that he's pounding his nads up against her butt - T-boning her...bottoming out.

I fucked her so deep it was a T Bone!

See t-bone


Small, blonde student matriculating at the University of Vermont

"You know T Bone? She lives over in Moose Hall at UVM!"

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