T, D, Or Mfk

What is T, D, Or Mfk?


A game, usually played by girls. It stands for Truth, Dare, or Marry-Fuck-Kill. Player 1 will ask, often by writing it down, if Player 2 wants T, D, or MFK. Player 2 chooses, and if it's Truth or Dare, a question is asked, or Player 2 is dared to do something. If MFK is chosen, Player 1 picks 3 people (if it's girls, guys are listed, if it's guys, girls are listed) and Player 2 has to say who they would rather marry, fuck, and kill. Usually the people are people Player 2 doesn't like, but sometimes they could be people they really like. Basically just a game for very bored people, and it's ALWAYS entertaining.

Girl 1: I'm SO bored.

Girl 2: Let's play T, D, or MFK!

Girl 1: Okay! You first. T, D, or MFK?

Girl 2: Ummm...MFK.

Girl 1: Guy 1, Guy 2, and Guy 3.

Girl 2: I hate all of them!!!

Girl 1: *laughs* Just choose.

Girl 2: Fine. *laughs* Kill Guy 2, marry Guy 1, and fuck Guy 3.


Girl 2: Your turn!

You get the idea.

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