What is T&a?


Tits and Ass, see T and A

Check out her T&A


a display of female breasts and buttocks

That movie is full of scenes featuring T&A.


1)Tits and Ass.

2) a small used-car dealership near where i live.

dude, you up for gettin some T&A tonight?

i dont buy cars from T&A auto sales.the owner's a perv.

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Meaning Toes & Ankles. A term used by male expatriates working in Afghanistan to express the sexual frustration by being surrounded only by women wearing burkas.

Damn Mike, There sure was alot of T&A at that flour mill I visited yesterday....

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A drink made of Tonic and Absinthe

I had so much T&A last night, I was hallucinating.

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Stupid Brand Of Clothing worn by the preppiest of the preps , worn by almost everyone now..it accentuates ur ass and if ur ass isnt perfect u look like a fat pig.

oh no everyone's wearin T&A i have to get me a pair now.. they only cost 100$ a piece but i have to be kool!


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