Table Talk

What is Table Talk?


From partnered card games, discussion between partners of the contents of their hands. Its purpose is to gain an advantage, and is generally against the house rules, if not written rules.

Him: I'm feeling a lot of LOOOOOVE for this game.

Her: I don't have much LOOOVE, but I'd sure like to CLUB you for saying that.

Me: Hey, easy on the table talk, okay?


Noun: 1.) Conversation appropriate for a formal occasion i.e. dinner with your girlfriend/boyfriend's parents. 2.) Small talk. Shmoozing. Those little conversations you have when you see someone you don't really care about, but you haven't seen them for a long time.

1.) Oh wow, Mrs. Smith you sure do have a nice house.

2.) Uh, hi person whose name I barely remember. How are you? What have you been up to all these years I haven't thought about you? Blah blah blah...

See ben


Illegal communication with the intent of gaining an advantage between partners during a card game.

In euchre tournaments, table talk is strictly forbidden.

See 93


To engage in conversation during a game (primarily seen in card games) to your partner(s) regarding the status of the set of playable/determinable objects (commonly seen as cards or tiles) in their general vacinity when this action is unallowed due to the nature of the game or pre-established violation rules.

Tommy and Jessies were playing Billy and I in Euchre today. They 0wn3d us. I was like "oh noes!!1". It had to be some table talk going on over there


things you should only discuss at the table

sex is not table talk


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