What is T'aint?


"T'aint" The space between a womans anus and vagina

"t'aint pussy and t'aint asshole"

If it weren't for her having a t'aint, she be one big hole..


The patch between a man's scrotum and anus (okay, 'balls and arse') otherwise known as the perineum

"Taint his balls and taint his arse"


The area between the testicles and asshole...also known as the gooch(It T'aint this and it T'aint that)

Argh man close your legs!! I can see your T'aint hair!

See gnards, gooch, space, ballsack, pussy


A very nasty little area b/w either a mans asshole and nards, or b/w a womans brown eye and fun slit

"Damn! Yo t'aint smells like 10 pounds of rotten shit!"

See taint, tant, grundle, nifkit, nards, asshole


Word that means isin't or ain't or some strange and wonderful combination of a whole bunch of words

It t'aint a dirty word you dirty bastards

See taint, t'aint, tain't, ain't


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