Take It To The House

What is Take It To The House?


to score a point in a sports game

Run man! Take it to da House!!


Sexual terminology for take your woman to the house and get your game on

Damn guy, take it to the house.


to do it to it; go all out and do it real properlike. real horrorshow.

Hell yeah we're going out tonight; we're gonna take it to the house.


To go hometo take a poop, instead of at work, school, stores, restaurants, etc.

Bill: "Dude, I gotta shit in the worst way!"

Ted: "Then go, dude- Wal Mart's bathrooms aren't that dirty."

Bill: "Screw that bro, I've gotta take it to the house!!"

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What Mason McAlexander says while recieving a blow job.

Mason-Oh yeah take it to the house

Stephanie-Shut the fuck up! I'm only here because you're paying me!



Meaning is derived from the Phrase "take it the (god) the big man"

You got a problem with that, Take it to the house.


To diss someone greatly.

I will take you to the house playing basketball.

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