Take That

What is Take That?


Invented in Dedham, Massachusetts. Born from the phrase: “I’ll take that.” Anything ridiculously awesome. Anything that was ridiculously awesome. Anything that will be ridiculously awesome. A phrase uttered by a person who is extremely happy about something.

“Dude, I caught a steamdog from that bitty with the big yitties last night. Take that!

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the best pop band ever, originaly from the UK. Formed in 1991 did sell out tours in the whole world and come 2nd to the Beatles as the most succesfull pop band EVER!

In 2006 did a comeback tour in the UK, selling out 30 dates in just a couple of hours.

Late 2006 saw the release of a new original single and album.

Are being "copied" by several other bands, in this sudden comeback.

"Westlife are doing a Take That"!!!

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A coined phrased used commonly by P.Diddy meaning to take great thought to what was previously said

you a B**ch!... (some one over to the side, "TAKE THAT TAKE ThAT!")


Take that are an English band comprising of, Mark Owen, Howard Donald, Gary Barlow, Jason Orange And ex-member Robbie Williams. They had massive success from 1990-96, with sell-out tours, no.1 albums and singles. Some of their earlier hits comprise of Babe, Back for good, Pray,Sure and never forget. They reformed after a 10 year break, and had even more success. Newer hits include shine, rule the world( from the film stardust) and Patience. So far, they have released a further 2 albums, Beautiful world and The Circus, and have gone on to produce more sell out concerts, filling stadiums and arenas across the british isles. Their fans are incredibly loyal.

TT fan 1:Take that are AMAZING, and put on the best shows ever!!

TT fan2: I agree!! Plus Mark is gorgeous!!

TT fan 1: Mark? What about Jason? He's hot!!

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A crap pop group who have been inexplicably raised from the dead when we'd all been perfectly happy without them for ten fucking years. They should go back to the hell that spawned them and stay gone. Why must we go through a Take That revival? Did we not suffer enough with the ABBA and Duran Duran revivals?

Take That are the most overrated pop group in music history. All of their songs suck.

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