What is Takeova?


( .) tayk-oh-vuh

1.) short for Takeova Entertainment. This Entertainmentgroup was establish in April of 2007 in Baltimore, Maryland by Curtis Jones who goes by CJ. Its specializes in hosting parties for college and high school. Takeova Entertainment's main disc jockey is Dj Kali, is considered to be the best dj in Baltimore. There are also several other dj's, most of which are high schoolers: Dj Big Rell, Dj Purp, Dj Sid, Dj JC, Dj Bubbo, and more. Takeova also has a branch of Models and a clothing line. The parties Takeova hosts are at several venues such as Club One, Club Krush, 5th Regiment Armory, Ruhl Armory, The Bleu Room, and may others. Takeova is truly quite a successful EntertainmentGroup.

Do you think that you will go to the Takeova party tonight?

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