What is Talkbox?


A sound device that was iconically used by Roger Troutman. It is a speaker in a air tight 'box' hence the name, in which there is a hole where the the tube is put,

and then is connected to a guitar amp or the output jack of a keyboard/snthesizer, and when you play notes the sound comes out or vibrates through and out of the tube, and when put in your mouth and you mouth words it sounds as if the instrument is talking. Simular (but more natural) to a Vocoder

R: Yo the best talk box ever was Troutman's Gold Throat Talkbox!

T: I Heard that, that's the most clear and vocally reconizable talk box!

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a talk box is a instrument used by stevie wonder and other artists...and makes your voice sound robotic and awsome

Dude, i just saw snoop doggs sensual seduction video...what the hell was tht tube in his mouth?

Man, thts a talkbox..


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