What is Tanker?


a MASSIVE shit.

marc: dude, i just dropped a huge deuce in your backyard.

taylor: goddamn! look at the size of that tanker!

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To repost an article other than a HOTD on the Florida sportsman Forum

What that i hear in the distance.. YOuve been tankered

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Self-absorbed senior citizen who drags their oxygen tank slowly through crowded public places, scolding and threatening anyone who tries to get around them. They usually voted with their dollars for NeoCon, Big-Tobacco candidates in the past, but now are voting for any Republicrat who promises to increase their Social Security benefits and give them free health care, knowing that they'll be dead before those bills come due.

I would've been on time for the team dinner party, but some tanker parked their Caddy across three spaces and then took 5 minutes just to get their scuba gear through the damned door.

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When a shot or shots don't register; the person doesn't die or get lit.

This happens a lot on Online Shooting games.

The reason has to do with Ping and Internet packets.

So you may have headshoted a person on your screen, but it didn't register to the server, therefore you got robbed.

Kid: "Wow dude! I shot you with a sniper 3 times! HP HP HP"

Scrub: "Aim pl0x. 100"

Kid: "Wow, fken tanker"

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A person who goes out with fat girls

god: what did you do last week?

pol: we were laughing at karstin he was licking (kissing) a fat girl

god: o really i didn't know he was a tanker

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An adjective used to describe a large object. To compare to a "tanker ship".

That kid is a tanker.

See fat, huge, big, wide, tiny


some one who can consume an enormous amount of alochol(usually beer)and still manage to play 5 games of beer pong at 4:30 in the morning.

"yo john,let's go make that tanker funnel 15 bud lights."

"yo i hope your not a tanker we only got 30 beers left for 3 people!"

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