What is Tarf?


A fart which can make you vomit within 10 seconds of excretion.

The tarf is very strong, is it not brian?

See Brian


Of or relating to any subject regarding to a fraternal matter; frat; fratty

These shorts are tarfy as hell

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forceful rancid fart

I was praying it was her pet dog, but given the smell, I was pretty sure she was the one who had tarfed.


Like a fart, but backwards. Instead of expelling gas out of the anus, you would suck air into the ass. (verb)

I was at church the other day and I cut a raging, mega-huge egg fart during communion. But luckily I was able to tarf afterwards to save everyone on my "pew" from smelling it.

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usually any kid who thinks hes awesome, likes making venn diagrams, is a wookie / jigglypuff. also tends to enjoy playing Zelda all day, and sleeps in the nude.

In a recent news update, Sean is a tarf.

See loser, weirdo, tool, wookie


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