What is Tasha?


lookin good, very stunning and always glowing

a tasha is a beautiful creature who gets alot of unknown attention

shes as beautiful as a tasha

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One pill of extasy of the narcotic variety.

Dude, let me drop that tasha.

See drugs, extasy, pill, x, roll


a sexy person/thing named tasha who enjoys eeting toes and licking the windows

omg!look at that tasha ! shes gona eet the whole foot at that rate !

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a name commonly given by african-american females to males they prefer not to get to know.

Ugly Guy: Hey wats your name?

Aushaunte: Tasha

And the conversation is started

See black girls, names, liars, conversation


a preppy, bitchy girl who usually goes to whore herself at the nearest

walgreens. if she goes too long without whoring herself at said walgreens she

will go into withdrawl and convulse wildly and get the nearest person

reguardless of age, sex, or looks and she'll bang them till they're dry.

this stupid-ass slutty cum guzzler is usually seen going through trash cans

outside of strip clubs and eating used condoms and shitty tampons. to the tasha

these are a delicacy.

the tasha is seen in her natural habitat at the zoo. she only goes to walgreens

when she can escape from the ape exhibit where they use her as a butt plug.

gilligan: omg did you see that tasha in the middle of wallgreens last night?

billy-bob: i did! i did gilligan! i could totally tell that she was a tasha!

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