Tasmanian Bogan

What is Tasmanian Bogan?


If any of you guys have visited tasmania you will see a new type of bogan. let me tell you


mostly this section is the same. Tasmanian Bogans drive holden calais, statesmans, and toranas as well as vs commodores which is a common site. essentially a family sedan they try and make them look all fast and furious.

they love their utes too. commodores are amongst the most popular and there is no convincing them that even a wiked 3.0 twin turbo dohc will beat their shitty 3.8 litre sohc until u blow by them. after you beat them they threaten you and tell you your a cheater. bogans tilt their drivers seat back to get attempt to look pimp.


includes dada, wu-tang, fila wear as well as adidas.


we are seeing lots more of the younger bogan bitches these days. often over weight. they often have the hair pulled back in a tie with 2 bits of hair dangling at the front. have a very distinct accent e.g. "me and scharni did nufen last noight but we had a cuppla bongs and did a burnout in me mates vn."

some bogan suburbs

Rokeby, Clarendonvale (probably the worst. its all government housing. you are at risk of being rocked if you drive through there.) bridgewater, risdon, claremont, moonah, sorell

Bogans also rely on the public funding system. living off taxpayer money (the dole), they love fighting and you only have to look at them to get into trouble.

they sit up your arse and try and intimidate you when driving. i just keep slowing down. they can never come back with any smart comments and if they feel threatened they will simply say "ill fuckn foight ya. ill smash ya head in!"

hope some of this helps guys as the tasmanian bogan and what we are used to down here i feel is far worse than dealing with mainland bogans.

If threatened. be a coward and run as much as you dont want to do it anyway. y? all bogans want is to ruin your life by hitting u in the head and hurting you. there is no way their lives can become shittier. just think you have much more to live for than these people who dont make an effort in life therefore dont deserve to live it.

"Hey bruv! whats goin on man?"

"Fuck all cobba. hvbeen baken all mornen. goin up ta centre link later. wanna go ta maccas and grab some shit man?"

"thatd be sweet bruv. howz ya misses? hows jolie goin?

"shes breaken me balls mate. she spekts me ta look afta me kid but im busy"

"yeh fucken givs ya tha shits bruv"

"fucken oath" (<<<Tasmanian Bogan)

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