What is T&c?


It means Take and Credit. It is used when one comments on a piece of work that is out for public use. Things like Avatars, banners, and bases.

Wow! Thats awesome! T&C!


I'll T&C, thanks!!

See comments, icons, bases, Crimmy


In reference to shaving, T&C means touch and cut. It is basically a method for cleaning up the remaining patches of stubble by "buffing" the blade against the hair to cut it.

After you make your third pass against the grain, finish up with a T&C to get anything you might have missed.

See shaving, clean-up, final, pass, razor


Turks and Caicos also known as Titties and Clitties where all the women are at.

Dude, bring the condoms,we are definately going to and getting some T&C


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