What is Teapot?


A discriptive term used to mock an individual who has suffered

at ones hands.

Or anyone who an individual considers inadequate or inferior to his or her self.

Origin- East Central Scotland.

"You could'ny lace ma bits, fuckin teapot".

"and Johnny, get sum mair tins while yer oot, we'll be runnin a we bit dry here soon ya cunt. and Johnny, you want tae get us a wee video an aw, bruce willis, and johnny, die harder!....fuckin teapot"!

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A sexual act where a woman assumes a "doggystyle" position while man squeezes his testies one by one into her anus. After insertion, the woman then flexes her P.C. muscles while the man masturbates to orgasm. The man will sometimes make a whisling sound just prior to or during ejaculation to simulate the sound of a teapot.

I gave her a teapot and painted her back white.

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A gay Man. Comes from how gay men stereotypically carry themselves, one hand on the hip the other out looking like the spout of a teapot. Like the dance that goes with the children's song "I'm a little teapot short and stout".

Bystander: Wow that guys a total teapot.

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The classic pose adopted by anyone with a tinge of campness around them. It involves a standard one hand on hip and t'other held above the waist and slightly away from the body.

"Rob stop pulling the teapot move, I want to score with that girl over there and you looking all camp and ting"

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A nice insult in Russian language for a stupid person. Usually used when referring to a family member or a close friend. While you are calling that person stupid, you still retain the fact of not insulting that person. Can also refer to a person who is been very slow. This is an insult that deliveries the insult, but the person who you are calling teapot can not really get mad at you because teapot is a "nice" sort of insult. However, you are still calling that person stupid or slow, just in a nice way.

Leave that light on, stop been such a teapot.

Oh my god, he is such a teapot.

2+2 is 4 not 5, you are a very teapot person.

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One of the Suzuki GSX-F range of motorbikes, so called because the early models looked like teapots.

GSX-Fs were branded as "Katanas" in North America, but nobody except an idiot would associate these bulbous tourers with the original Katana sports bikes from the 1980s.

Yank: "I got me a Katana!"

Everyone else: "No, seppo, you've got a Teapot."

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The act of putting male genitalia on someone's (male, female, or good friends) forehead with an erection. Forming when looked at a specific angle resembles a teapot.

"Dude please tell me you got a picture of Stu when he was getting a teapot at the party last night."

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