Techno Twinned

What is Techno Twinned?


1. When you tell somebody something that is unbelievable and they believe it. Right afterwards, you tell them you were just kidding

2. When you tell somebody something and they dont believe it and they end up having it bad.


Ruby: "I found out all everything there is to know about the D man on Fhloston Paradise. His dreams, his desires, his most intimates of intimates..."

Leeloo: "You are one lucky guy."

Ruby: "What you screaming for? I was just kidding. Im leavin BZZZZ~!"


Aziz: "Dude, theres gonna be a killer party with some crazyass lighting effects in some giant milk truck parked next to the hotdog car tonight."

Billy: "Okay man, if you say so."

Korben: "Dude, where the hell is Billy, I am pretty sure Aziz told him about this."

Veeter: "I think he got techno twinned...."

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