What is Teigan?


Known as the most beautifulest, self-centered (and occasionally stuck up), bitchiest, yet the most funnest and funniest person you will ever meet in your damn life. Most commonly to think that she's better then others, but doesn't like to brag about it. But knows it's definitely true. One of the best kissers you could find. Commonly to be known as the "toy all guys enjoy" and admired by all genders. Even aliens perhaps. Befriend a teigan. THEN WORSHIP AT HER FEET.

boy1: wow, i met this girl last night

boy2: yeah, what about her?

boy1: we messed around and i gotta say..

boy2: what?!

boy1: she's so hot. she's such a teigan!

See teagan, tegan, amazing, awesome


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