Ten Heads

What is Ten Heads?


An individual with cranial proportions so vast that the space could easily be filled by ten normal human heads or similar in volume to an adult elephant skull.

This description specifically relates to the neurocranium (the braincase) and not the rest of the head.

"hey look at him, his head is so big it's blocking out the sun, f**k me it's the size of ten heads"

See elephant man


A mildly deformed human, who through genetic mishaps has an over-developed bulbous cranium. Despite having a larger capactiy for brain storage, Ten Headed people tend to be below the average IQ level and are therefore ridiculed accordingly. Ten Headed people cannot ride motorcycles in the UK due to helmet fitting and balancing issues.

Jonny -'Oh my God where the fuck has the Sun went to?'

Jimmy - 'I think it's an eclipse!'

Jonny - 'Nah - it's coz that moron with a badass case of Ten Heads, fucker has walked passed, that's all'

Jimmy - 'Hey cocksucker, get out the fuckin way'

See deformed, mega dome, moron


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